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  • A quick review of the An Bord Pleanala website for 2012 to date reveals that very few decisions continue to be made.  This can only be attributed to the absence of any new appointments to the Board.  The majority of decisions currently on display relate to appeals which were deemed invalid or were withdrawn.  It seems bizarre that no new appointments are being made thus rending the appeal planning system in limbo.  I have a number of clinets who are continuously being told that there is no decision and to keep ringing or being given new target dates.  This situation will only change when the number ofo Board members is increased.

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  • I have been asked to comment on applications for extension of the life of a planning application, or to give it its formal title, extension of duration of the appropriate period. 

    Many people seem to be under the impression that this is a straight forward procedure whereby you simply fill out the application form, plea your case in terms of economic conditions, pay your €62 and the Council will rubber stamp the extension for another 5 years.

    In fact the process is far more complicated than this and a positive result is certainly not guaranteed.  Effectively the process involves a comparison of guidelines, policies and objectives between when the permission was granted and those in place now.  If effect the applicant needs to: Read the rest of this entry »

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  • Kildare County council have issued a Notice of Proposed Variation of Kildare County Development Plan 2011-2017.  The variation seeks to incorporate the following Small Town Plans: Kill, Prosperous, Rathangan, Athgarvan, Derrinturn, Castledermot into the County Development Plan 2011-2017.

    Written submissions in relation to the proposed Variation may be made before 5pm FRIDAY 9 MARCH 2012.

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  • An Bord Pleanala have refused permission for the proposed national children’s hospital.  The application by the National Paediatric Hospital Development Board for the construction of a 392-bed in-patient plus 53 day care bed National Paediatric Hospital at Eccles Street, Dublin, was refused permission for three reasons:

    The proposed Children’s Hospital of Ireland, by its nature, requires a substantial floor area, in excess of 100,000 square metres, to accommodate the operational needs of the hospital. However, the footprint afforded to the proposed development on the Mater Campus, (circa 2 hectares), has resulted in a proposal for a very significant building in terms of bulk and height, including a 164 metre long ward block, rising to 74 metres above ground. Notwithstanding the general acceptability of the proposal in terms of medical co-location on this inner city hospital site, it is considered that the proposed development, by reason of its height, scale, form and mass, located on this elevated site, would result in a dominant, visually incongruous structure and would have a profound negative impact on the appearance and visual amenity of the city skyline. The proposed development would contravene policy SC18 of the Dublin City Development Plan, 2011-2017, which seeks to protect and enhance the skyline of the inner city and to ensure that all proposals for mid-rise and taller buildings make a positive contribution to the urban character of the city. Read the rest of this entry »

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  •  The Statutory Guidelines on Spatial Planning and National Roads were published on 31st January, 2012.

    The guidelines set out a clear national policy framework that local authorities will use in guiding development essential to Ireland’s economic recovery to the most appropriate locations.

    The guidelines highlight the need for early engagement and dialogue between the NRA and planning authorities in respect of devising appropriate policies and objectives for managing development within the broader context of the national road network and functions.

    These guidelines will primarily apply to the national roads network and set out policy with regard to planning considerations relating to development affecting national roads outside the 50-kph speed limit zones for cities, towns and villages.

    The guidelines are issued under Section 28 of the Planning and Development Acts 2000-2010, thereby underpinned by statute. Planning authorities and An Bord Pleanála area required to have regard to the guidelines in carrying out their functions under the Planning Acts.

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  • The draft Carlow Town Development Plan 2012 – 2018 has gone on public display and submissions are now being sought on same. 

    The Draft Carlow Town Development Plan includes parts common to the Draft Joint Spatial Plan for the Greater Carlow Graiguecullen Urban Area 2012-2018 currently being prepared on a joint basis by Carlow Town Council, Laois County Council and Carlow County Council and will comprise of the Carlow Town Development Plan, Graiguecullen Local Area Plan and Carlow Town Environs Local Area Plan.

    Written submissions or observations with respect to the Draft Carlow Town Development Plan may be made to the Planning Department before 5.00 p.m. on Friday 27th April 2012.

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  • The Heritage Council has called for the establishment of a national organisation to promote and support the sustainable development of our town and city centres in a submission to the Draft Retail Planning Guidelines, 2011.

    The submission calls for the setting up of a national organisation to help plan for towns, similar to the Association of Town Centre Management based in London or the Downtown Association in the United States.

    Town Centre Management strategies would bring all stakeholders together to create a shared vision for the future of each town centre and act as a catalyst for growth and regeneration. They improve the visitor experience and urban environment by focusing on the quality of public buildings and spaces, streetscapes and town centre activity. This improves the business environment and overall quality of life.

    An annual Town Centre Health Check is recommended in order to help identify how healthy a town is and inform plans to shape its future.

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  • Dublin City Council has prepared a Draft Local Area Plan for the George’s Quay Area, Dublin 2.

    The City Council are inviting interested parties or individuals to make submissions or observations with respect to the Draft Local Area Plan during the public consultation stage. A series of public consultation sessions in Pearse Street Library have also been organised in the local area to coincide with the observation period.

    Submissions are due before 4.30pm on Friday 30th March 2012.

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  •  An application has been lodged to extend the Kildare Outlet Tourist Village. The applicants, Value Retail (Dublin) Ltd, are seeking a 10 year planning permission to incorporate an additional gross floor area of c. 7,053 sq.m. bringing the total gross floor area to c. 18,219 sq.m. in a one and two storey building form adjoined directly to the existing building complex. The new floorspace will include two restaurant units, 34 tourist retail outlet units and a tourist information centre. The application also seeks an expansion of car parking facility resulting in 409 net additional car parking spaces.

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