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  • A report published today by the Government’s advisory body on housing, the Housing Agency, has projected the level of housing needed across the Republic in the next five years. The report forecasts a minimum required supply of 79,660 residential units in urban areas to support the population between 2014 and 2018, an average equivalent of 15,932. The per annum requirement across the country ranges from 9,526 units in 2014 to 20,853 units in 2018.

    47% (37,581 units) of total supply over the 5-year period is required across the Dublin Region, averaging 7,500 units per year.

    Outside of Dublin, the study identifies varying requirements across the other cities. In Cork City and suburbs rising to a per annum requirement of 1,469 units by 2018. There are close parallels in identified requirements in Galway and Limerick. Both cities will experience a shortfall in housing requirements in 2015 and require a total of 2,316 and 2,635 units respectively over the subsequent 4 years to 2018.

    Based on projected population growth, Waterford will have a supply requirement from 2017 and Kilkenny has an immediate supply shortfall.

    Elsewhere, trends highlight that some areas are adequately catered for, while other areas are not. There are pronounced requirements in settlements such as Drogheda Town and Dundalk over the next 5 years. Shortfalls are also predicted in Athlone, Ennis, and Edenderry .

    The study also considered household sizes into the future in the Dublin region and found that over the next 4 years, 57% of new households will be 1 or 2 persons and a further 18% will be 3 person households. Three quarters of all households over the period to 2018 will be for three people or less.

    The latter finding is of particular interest given the anecdotal evidence that the trend in planning applications is back toward larger, family sized housing.

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