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  • An Bord Pleanala Reduced to Only 4 Members

    Under the Planning and Development Act 2000 (as amended) An Bord Pleanala provision is made for 9 members to sit on the Board in addition to the Chairperson.  However, as it currently stands there are only 4 members sitting on the Board, including the Chairperson.  In my experience the bottleneck at An Bord Pleanala in terms of getting decisions out within the 18 week period has always been down to the size of the Board.  The inspectors have their reports ready on time but there are only 10 people to adjudicate on every appeal in Ireland.  Given that this 10 has become 4 the bottleneck is only going to get worse, irrespective of the fact that the actual number of appeals coming before the Board is lower.  To put this in perspective there is now only one person per provice dealing with all the appeals in Ireland.  This is resulting in significant dealys at An Bord Pleanala at the very time when decisions should be made on time due to the reduction in appeals being received.   It is not clear why the Minister is not renewing contracts but surely soemthing urgent must be done to fill these posts and allow such an important body function in a proper manner.  A functioning appeals board is fundamental to realising job creation.

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