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  • Bord na Mona Announces Proposed Large-Scale Windfarm Devlopment in East Offaly and West Kildare for Energy Export

    ‘Clean Energy Hub’ is Bord na Móna’s planned approach for the development of a number of linked wind farms in the East Midlands on cutaway peatlands coming out of peat production.  According to the Bord na Mona website the new green energy project will generate some 2GW of electricity when fully operational and create an export business of €1billion annual revenue for the State owned company.  It will involve the development of a number of separate wind farms that will be principally centred on the company’s extensive 20,000 ha of cutaway peatlands in East Offaly and West Kildare. The company has set a target of 2020 to bring this project on stream.  Bord na Móna has announced plans for an extensive Community Consultation Programme across the Midlands commencing in the coming weeks. The programme will see the company engage with local groups and stakeholders as it draws up its detailed planning applications in the coming months.  The announcement of the Bord na Mona project, along with the two private companies looking to established large-scale windfarms for energy export, means that the issue of windfarm development is to remain a hot topic of debate in the midlands for the foreseeable future.

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