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  • Country Wide (Draft) Flood Maps Available

    Extensive flood maps of the Country (in Draft format) are now available to view on 

    These maps were prepared as part of the Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment (PFRA) which is a requirement of the EU Flood Directive. The objective of the PFRA is to identify areas where the risks associated with flooding might be significant. These areas (referred to as Areas for Further Assessment, or ‘AFAs’) are where more detailed assessment is required to more accurately assess the extent and degree of flood risk. The more detailed assessment, that will focus on the AFAs, will be undertaken through Catchment Flood Risk Assessment and Management (‘CFRAM’) Studies.

    Planning Authorities are already consulting with these maps when dealing with pre-planning applications and considering planning applications.  It is strongly advisable therefore, when preparing for a planning application, to make sure that these maps have been checked.  If a site is located within the 1:100 year flood event areas identified on the maps a Flood Impact Assessment is likely to be required as part of the application.

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