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  • Dart Underground Approved by An Bord Pleanala

    The development of the Dart Underground Electrified Heavy Railway from Inchicore to East Wall via the city centre was considered at a final board meeting on 7th December 2011.  The Board decided, unanimously, to grant the Railway Order, generally in accordance with the recommendation of the Inspector, and subject to modifications and conditions.

    The Board approved the Order as the proposal:

    (a) would provide strategic interconnection between existing and future public transportation systems thereby supporting improved integrated public transport in the wider Dublin region;

    (b) would address the disjointed nature of the national rail network converging on Dublin, enabling more efficient functioning of regional rail services;

    (c) would provide planning benefits and urban regeneration opportunities at the locations of new stations and in areas served by the alignment;

    (d) would not have unacceptable impacts on the environment from construction or operation;

    (e) would not have an unacceptable impact on traffic safety or congestion;

    (f) would not be prejudicial to human health;

    (g) would not adversely affect the character or setting of any protected structure or National Monument; and,

    (h) would be consistent with the proper planning and sustainable development of the area.

    The Board acknowledged that the construction phase of the proposed development would result in localised negative impacts at the major works sites (that is at East Wall and Inchicore, and at the locations of stations and intervention shafts along the alignment) during the construction period. However it was considered that such impacts are an inevitable consequence of the scale and nature of the project, and that the applicant had demonstrated comprehensive mitigation measures would be employed to alleviate impacts. The Board accepted that the long term benefits of the scheme would outweigh the short term impacts due to construction.

    In relation to an application from observers seeking re-imbursement of costs, the Board noted the Memorandum on file from the Senior Executive Officer to the effect that there is no provision for the recovery of costs in the subject application (either for the Board, the planning authority, or for observers). The case was lodged with the Board prior to the implementation of section 81 of the Planning & Development (Amendment) Act 2010. Therefore no costs can be awarded to the observers in the case.

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