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  • Draft Planning Bills and New Policy Statement on Planning Published

    The General Scheme of the Planning and Development No.1 and No.2 Bills of 2014 have been agreed by government and published.

    The General Scheme of the Planning No.1 Bill deals with review of Part V of the Planning and Development Act 2000, vacant site levy, reduced development contributions for planning permissions yet to be activated and modification of duration of planning permissions in certain circumstances.

    The main provision in the General Scheme of the Planning No.2 Bill relates to the establishment of the Office of the Planning Regulator whose primary functions will include the assessment and evaluation of local area plans, local development plans and regional spatial and economic strategies, the provision of education and research on planning related matters, as well as investigative powers to review the organisation, systems & procedures applied by planning authorities and An Bord Pleanála in the performance of their planning functions. The General Scheme will also provide for the placing on a legislative footing of the development of a new National Planning Framework (NPF) to replace the existing National Spatial Strategy 2002-2020.

    A new Policy Statement on Planning has also been published. It is intended to act as a general guiding document to the operation of the planning system and to outline the key values, principles and priorities that should underpin it. The Policy Statement is based on 10 key principles as follows:
    1. Planning must be plan-led and evidence based
    2. Planning must proactively drive and support sustainable development
    3. Planning is about creating communities and further developing existing communities in a sustainable manner
    4. Planning must support the transition to a low carbon future
    5. Planning must ensure that development facilitates and encourages greater use of public transport
    6. Planning will encourage the most efficient and effective use of previously developed (brownfield) land over the use of greenfield land
    7. Planning will enhance a sense of place within and between cities, towns and villages and rural areas
    8. Planning will conserve and enhance the rich qualities of natural and cultural heritage of Ireland
    9. Planning will support the protection and enhancement of environmental quality
    10. Planning will be conducted in a manner that affords a high level of confidence in the openness, fairness, professionalism and efficiency of the process.

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