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  • Large-scale Residential Development Granted in Ardee Co. Louth.

    In something of a throw-back to Celtic tiger days a large-scale residential application has been approved by An Bord Pleanala.  Such applications are a rarity these days.

    The application initially consisted for a mixed use development comprising 281 residential units, a public park (4.91 h) community buildings, a 3 storey neighbourhood centre, new road junction access off Drogheda Road (N2) and associated works at Rathgory, Mulledrillen, Drogheda Road, Ardee, Co. Louth.  Permission was sought for a 10 year period.

    The NRA objected to the proposed development stating that, notwithstanding the zoning designation of the land, the authority is concerned that the development as proposed will have a significant detrimental impact on the capacity, safety and operational efficiency on the national road network.

    Louth County Council granted permission but the DoEH&LG and a local residents group appealed the decision. 

    The applicants sent revised layouts into the Board reducing the number of units to 140.

    The ABP Inspector concluded that the proposed development would result in traffic congestion and hazard and is premature pending an upgrade of the Ardee Wastewater Treatment System.  A refusal was recommended.

    An Bord Pleanla however granted permission.  In deciding not to accept the Inspector’s recommendation to refuse permission, the Board was satisfied that adequate information was available on file to assess the traffic implications of the scheme, and taking into account the planning history of the site, its location on zoned lands within the town speed control area, and the scale and phasing proposed for the development, it was not considered that the traffic generated by the development would have adverse impacts on traffic capacity in the area. The Board was also satisfied that the proposed access arrangements would not lead to a traffic hazard. In relation to wastewater treatment, the Board noted the response from the planning authority in relation to the availability of wastewater treatment capacity including the programmed improvements to the municipal wastewater treatment facility, and considered that, subject to compliance with appropriate conditions, regarding the phasing of delivery of the residential units, there would be no deterioration in surface water quality arising from the amended scheme.

    The NRA initially objected to the proposed development at local authority stage and considered that subsequent responses were unsatisfactory.  However, the local authority took the view that the site was within the speed limits and were happy with the traffic arrangements, subject to conditions.    Interestingly, the NRA did not appeal the decision to the Board and did not comment on the appeal.  The ABP inspector agreed with the concerns outlined by the NRA and used these to form the basis of a recommendation to refuse.  Thus the issues raised by the NRA were clearly relevant so it is not clear as to why the NRA did not pursue the issues.


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