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  • Launch of Country-wide Zoning Maps

    The Department of Environment Community and Local Government today launched a website which acts as a portal for all plans and zoning in Ireland.  It allows a user of the site to click on any settlement in Ireland and immediately see what the zoning objectives are within that town. 

    In trying it out myself today I found that I could very quickly find a town, see the relevant zoning objectives, click on the zoning to find out the accompanying wording and also find out the life time of the relevant Plan.  The quality of the mapping is very high.  Often I have found that zoning maps have been saved as pdfs on Council website with no capacity to zoom in or at least when you did the map just became a blur.  This is a welcome planning tool and should make it far more convenient to quickly determine up to date zoning objectives.  Furthermore the DoECLG see this website as only being the start of coordinating planning information on a country-wide basis.




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