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  • New Planning Exemptions 2013

    The Minister for Housing and Planning has notified local authorities of changes she is making to planning regulations to exempt further works from planning permission as follows:

    • Charging points for electric vehicles
    • Use of existing telecommunications infrastructure
    • Works to septic tanks arising from water services authority inspections
    • Works coming under consent systems under the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine

    The installation of electric charging points will subject to certain conditions and limitations in relation to size and advertising, including that the size of any such charging point shall not exceed 3 metres, or 0.5 cubic metres when located on a public road.

    The newly amended Class 31 in the attached Regulations thus clarifies that anybody authorised to provide a telecommunications service can use existing poles to carry fibre optic or similar telecommunications cable (or erect new poles for that purpose), and can also attach small brackets or devices – subject to size limitations –  containing spare rolled up cable.

    The exemption for remedial works to septic tanks / treatment systems relates to situations where an owner is directed by a water services authority to take necessary remediation measures.

    The final amendment, relating to works under other consent systems (under the remit of the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine), is a technical change which reinstates a previous exemption from planning for certain works (consent under other systems will still be required).

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