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  • New Planning Guidelines on Local Area Plans

    The first set of statutory guidelines on the preparation of local authority local area plans were published at the end of June.

    The new guidelines will bring about higher standards in the preparation, presentation and implementation of some 350 local area plans that are prepared by local authorities around the country ensuring that such plans both reflect the needs of local communities and comply with national legislative and policy requirements.

    The new Guidelines are the first statutory guidance published for planning authorities on how to deliver on their mandatory obligations to prepare Local Area Plans since the concept of local area plans was introduced in legislation in 2000.  The guidelines will inform the preparation of local plans for all towns with populations of over 5,000, as well as informing on-going reviews of local area plans required by the Planning and Development (Amendment) Act 2010.

    A best practice manual has also been developed to offer additional support to planning authorities in developing these plans.


    The guidelines can be downloaded on the DoECLG website.

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