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  • Review of Planning Application Process and Exempted Development

    The Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government has issued a public notice stating that it intends to review and update the Development Management Guidelines for Planning Authorities 2007.

    The Department will consider whether changes should be made to the planning application process in order to improve efficiency while continuing to provide for appropriate and necessary public participation and environmental assessment.

    The Department will also consider whether further changes should be made to the exempted development provisions of the Regulations, specifically whether it is appropriate to exempt further development from the requirement to obtain planning permission.

    Comments/submissions are invited by Friday 14th March 2014.

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  1. re planning
    a simple improvement to the process would require the planning
    authority to issue the public notice and send the site notice to the
    applicant for erection on the site after validation
    this would avoid confusion over wording and clartity and where no
    is application is lodged

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