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  • This Government Strategy seeks to addresses housing, property and construction in a co-ordinated manner. One of the main themes is that of planning with the strategy recognising that the absence of good planning and strategic thinking in past years has served Ireland and its citizens badly.

    The goal is “to secure a proactive approach to planning, in which planning authorities actively engage with land and property owners, Approved Housing Bodies, and infrastructure providers in securing agreed planning goals and outcomes”. This would certainly make for a welcome change from the current situation where many developers and their agents feel that they are battling with the planners rather than working with them.
    It is noted that the following measures are to be introduced:

    • A National Planning Framework (presumably replacing the National Spatial Strategy)
    • A new Planning Bill
    • A new Policy Statement on Planning
    • An Office of Planning Regulation

    The following changes are also to be introduced: Read the rest of this entry »

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