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  • The Regulation of Lobbying Register came into effect yesterday (1st September 2015). Communications with public officials or representatives regarding the zoning or development of land must be recorded from that date. Such representatives include elected members of local authorities, Chief Executive Officers and Directors of Services, although it does not appear to mention local authority planners.

    Under the Guidelines which can be found on written submissions to a local authority as part of the formal consultation process is not lobbying; it is only communications with a designated public official outside the formal consultation process about a development plan or local area plan concerning a zoning that may be classified as lobbying.

    Making a planning application or making a submission on a planning application does not constitute lobbying under the Guidelines; it is only when a communication is made with a Designated Pubic Official about a planning application which is outside of the formal planning process that lobbying may occur.

    The Guidelines also clarify that communications seeking factual information from a local authority is not lobbying.

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