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  • Whether the renovation of filling station is exempted development?

    Whether the renovation of site, disposal of petrol tanks, signage, installation of new petrol tanks, renovation and alterations to shop is or is not development or is or is not exempted development

    Athy Town Council referred the above question to An Bord Pleanala concerning the following works:

    1. the removal of underground fuel storage tanks (20,000 litres) and the installation of two underground fuel storage tanks (30,000 litres);

    2. the construction of a new drainage layout and services duct layout;

    3. the erection of four number “Amber” signs and droplet logo signs on the stanchions of the canopy structure;

    4. the erection of new side cladding and three number “Amber” signs and droplet logos on the canopy structure; and

    5. the erection of new cladding and the new logo “Diesel”, “Petrol”, “Costcutter” “Hotfood/Deli” and “Fresh Coffee” on the roadside double pole ID sign;

    The Board went against the recommendation of their Inspector and deemed that the said works were exempt from planning permission.

    Link to this case on the An Bord Pleanala website

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