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  • Works associated with alleged future development site found not to be exempted development

    A question came before the Board as to whether

     (1) the erection of a metal fence,

    (2) the placing of a builders’ hut/trailer, and

    (3) the erection of gates, approximately six metres in width,

     all on lands adjoining Sidmonton Court, Bray, County Wicklow are or are not development or are or are not exempted development.

     Dun Laoighaire Rathdown had previously found the erection of a metal fence and placing of a builder’s hut/trailer to be exempt, but the erection of gates were not exempt.  Sidmonton Court Residents’ Association sought a referral from the Board on the matter.








    An Bord Pleanála concluded that –


    • the lands that are the location of the subject referral matters do not comprise a

    development site.


    • the erection of the palisade fence bounding lands that are not a development site constitutes development.


    • the placing of the builder’s hut/trailer on lands which are not a development site are not exempted development.


    • the erection of the gates of a means of access, across the adjoining public open space area,  a public road  which exceeds four metres in width are are not exempted development.


    The therefore Board concluded that all the specified works are development and are not exempted development.

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